Server traffic increasing

Use premium points to significantly increase traffic of your server.
These points will push your server up to the monitoring top and make it visible for bigger number of potential players. More points = more players.
Bright highlighting is another way to make your server more attractive.

  • Premium points
  • 1.05 $ / Week
  • Premium points put a server into the monitoring top. The more premium points you have- the higher your server is. The more players you attract.
  • Buy premium points
  • Color marking
  • 30 $ / Month
  • Makes your server much more attractive for users. Bright colors will help your server stand out and make it more solid.
  • Buy color highlighting
Detailed decription

Premium points All servers in the monitoring are sorted according to total number of points and ranking. The higher the ranking is, the higher your server is. Using points you may get to the top right away and attract a great number of players. Each point is valid for a certain amount of time selected during the purchase (from a week to 3 months).
Upon expiration the point is automatically deleted.
You may buy any quantity of premium points at any time. New points will be added to the old ones unless the old points are expired.
A simple example: You purchase 2 premium points valid for a week and 3 valid for a month - you get 5 points altogether. In a week you will have only 3 points left since 2 would have already been expired and removed.

Color highlighting Using this option you can make your server stand out and become more attractive. This feature not only just puts the server higher in the list - it also marks the server with the selected color. Valid for a minimum of 3 days.
To catch more attention the brightest colors are used in monitoring, allowing for traffic and awareness increasing.