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In case of questions or propositions you can use any of the contact methods offered.
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Sometimes players add servers into monitoring even if they are not owners of these servers.
To move a server to your account you need to register in the monitoring and log in.
After that you need to go to your server page and click the Confirm rights button.
After it just follow the instructions - rights confirmation is a fully automatic procedure.
After succesful confirmation your server will be instantly moved into your account.
In 99% cases this option gets switched on immediately after payment.
Delays from 5 to 15 minutes are possible sometimes depending on the payment service.
If the option is not active 15 minutes after payment, please contact us using the contact information.
"Premium points" are valid for 7 days by default unless you choose another validity period upon payment.
As this period ends the points are automatically removed and you need to purchase new ones.
All the information regarding purchasing "Premium points" or "Highlighting" ("Color marking") is displayed on your server page.
You cannod do that, points are removed automatically as they get expired.
The game version is set by the server owner in his/her user account.